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"Invest the time in training your people well and start them young whenever possible!" 

- Founder, David Hicks




The NCI education and training model began in 1985 when David was developing his first Design/Build General Construction company in San Francisco. From the beginning, investing in training his own people was critical to David’s business success.  With a structured training and mentoring program in place, most of his key people quickly advanced to owning and operating their own successful construction companies. These well trained people expanded the network of invaluable and reliable partners, bringing more business success. David “retired” in 2005 and gifted the entire TEAM BUILDERS operation to his former employees. 





David “retired” to Colorado in 2005 and partnered with one of his former employees turned general contractor to start a new business idea in Denver. In 2009 the NCI non-profit entity was officially created and developed into a workforce education program in partnership with the City of Denver’s Office of Economic Development. The Colorado Construction Institute (CCI) evolved from the NCI vision and partnered with the National Association of Home Builders and the Federal Youth Build Program, growing quickly into a nationally recognized workforce development model.  David intentionally made himself non-essential to the daily operations of CCI by 2013 to prove the model autonomous, scalable and reproducible in other markets.  




As the housing market in the Metro Denver area continued to heat up, key members of the local Home Builders Association adopted the entire CCI operation and leadership. They created the Colorado Homebuilding Academy and provided a new 20,000 sq.ft. facility and a complete operational funding commitment. This evolution of CCI achieved the long-term goal of having the industry recognize the value of this program and choose to proactively invest in their future workforce. The Colorado Homebuilding Academy continues to grow and expand its program offerings in the Denver area under the same guidance and leadership that formed NCI and CCI.  







St Louis is the next NCI project, currently being developed. Partnering and collaborating with the established stakeholders in the community is bringing us to our first NCIStL pilot program in early 2018. The need for safe and affordable housing solutions in the St Louis area creates an opportunity to implement the larger Building Futures economic development plan alongside the NCIStL education program. Building a seamless education and training to sustainable employment pathway for the people of St Louis is our primary objective. Creating safe and affordable housing options and equitable economic development opportunities will be an additional benefit to the community.   

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