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The highest intention for National Construction Institute (NCI) is to provide an attainable post-
secondary education option that meets the market demand for a career readiness and
employment pathway for a large portion of our under-served workforce. We are equally
committed to working directly with the “at risk” inner city youth populations to address the critical
issues of high school dropout rates, high minority unemployment rates, the associated crime
rates and the public cost of perpetuating poverty cycles.


The National Construction Institute (NCI) was created to address the national skilled trade
workforce shortage and a void in the ongoing education reform conversation. Our societies’
imbalanced emphasis on pushing every child into a traditional college education track is a
market-driven impracticality.This single measurement for academic and career success will not
resolve the greater socio-economic stability challenges at the core of this objective.


The NCI education and career training programs are the first steps in our multi-dimensional
“Building Futures” economic development plan. When fully implemented, this fiscally
responsible and socially conscious community development business plan will provide
affordable housing solutions and sustainable long-term funding to the non-profit NCI education
programs. We are 100% committed to becoming an effective community development partner
and a self-funded organization. This will be the measurement of our success.

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